Twin tiny dwellings so you can live small and stay sane

These twin tiny houses create a space where you can live small and stay sane. Tiny houses on wheels have become the new trend, and people are trading in their larger spaces for small house living. These small house designs can be as small as people can manage with, but they have to be under 400 square feet in total because of highway restrictions. If a tiny house is within the highway limits, it can be pulled by a powerful enough vehicle without a permit. The dimensional limits for tiny houses on wheels in North America are approximately 13 feet high by 8 feet wide, and they can be 30 feet long maximum. As you can imagine, one of the most important things in a small house design is the storage space. Implementing storage can really make a small space more useable and clutter free, allowing a space for everything within the tiny house. Tiny house dwellers will take advantage of every nook and cranny in their tiny house making sure that no space is unused. That's where a lot of creative design and innovation comes into play as the small spaces are transformed into places of total organization.

The other thing people do when they're living small is they don't accumulate a lot of stuff and they regularly declutter and purge their items. It's quite beneficial to have a minimalist approach to small house living so that you don't become cluttered in your small house design. Keeping your belongings to a minimum could be difficult at first but once you see how good it feels to have less stuff, you're always going to want to be mindful of your purchases and how much stuff you're accumulating, especially in a tiny house. As you can see on the Curbed website, two people can live quite comfortably in a tiny house on wheels when organization is a priority. There are so many ways to bring organization into your tiny space including cubbies, baskets, jars, Tupperware containers, cabinets, and so much more, and a lot of these are shown beautifully on the Curbed website with five tiny houses that couples have made cozy and comfy for themselves. You'll notice that one of the tiny houses isn't just one space, but two tiny houses side by side. This tiny house creation was designed by Petr Stoln Architekt in the Czech Republic. While these houses are not specifically tiny houses on wheels, they are still technically tiny houses, and instead of making one big space, he made two smaller spaces joined by a little outdoor patio area.

If you follow the link on the website to look inside the Zen Houses, you'll see that inside; these houses are very much indeed Zen. There is a strong yin and yang energy happening with these two amazing units, with one interior going very dark with walls painted black and a very cave-like feel, and the other having a very bright white interior that feels very open and light. The darker unit is used for the living quarters and includes lots of big windows and a fireplace as well as all the comforts of home. The lighter unit is more of a work space with desks and book shelves and again, beautiful large windows. The in-between space is connected by a platform to enter into the spaces, as well as some trees and a grassy area. So if you find that one tiny house isn't enough space, you always have the option to build another one if you own the land. Check out more small house design inspiration from Curbed.***

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