Trailer From 1972 Remodeled Into Gorgeous Rolling Off Grid House/Office Space

You'll want to take a look at this 1972 Remodeled International Airstream tiny house on wheels. The tiny house on wheels is owned by Gabi and Brandon Fox who are wedding photographers, and climbing enthusiasts and call this 1972 Airstream Overlander home. The couple started with an empty shell and zero experience with anything to do with renovating, wiring, plumbing or carpentry. They learned everything they needed for the remodel from the internet which proved helpful for all their DIY ideas and projects to do. They learned as they went along, making lots of mistakes, correcting them, then make some more, and eventually getting to where they are today. Living together in the tiny house on wheels, they say is the easy part.

There is so much to love about this tiny house on wheels remodel. One of the first things people notice about this tiny house on wheels is just how open and spacious it feels. That was a major priority for the couple when designing the layout. They were inspired by the gorgeous, modern Hofarc airstream designs. A big reason why the tiny house on wheels feels airy is that the couple limited the amount of dividing walls in the space, and they also removed the overhead storage bins that are typical in Airstreams. It wasn't just important to the couple to have a home that functioned well; they wanted the tiny house on wheels to look good, too. To make the tiny house on w wheels sustainable long-term, they needed their home/office on the road to be both beautiful and cozy. That is one of the reasons they chose to renovate an Airstream because they already have such a unique, classic style. And with only 190 square feet of space, storage is a major consideration, with plenty of places to put everything they need. One example of storage used wisely is the storage area underneath the bed which holds all their camera gear. And if you're wondering how they power this tiny house on wheels, they have a solar system. Without that, they wouldn't be able to work, charge their camera batteries, light the trailer, have running water, or indulge in some occasional television.

This tiny house on wheels is more than a little inspiring. The couple proves that you don't need to be a carpenter or have experience at renovating to make your small house living dreams come true. This couple is living their dream lives, traveling and doing jobs that they love. It's not to say that this tiny house on wheels remodels went completely smooth, they are honest about making mistakes, and just trying again until they got it right. This is also how they approached both moving to a full-time life on the road, and to renovate the Airstream tiny house on wheels. The couple admits to taking on a ton of work and suffering many moments of crippling self-doubt, but they pushed through those times which made the eventual success that much sweeter. Not to say that a tiny house on wheels remodel is for everyone, you have to be the sort of person that can persist and keep trying. And if an Airstream remodel isn't for you, there are plenty of tiny houses on wheels to choose from that have everything you need for a life on the road.

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