This Gorgeous, Contemporary Home Is Made from Repurposed Shipping Containers, Awesome!

This gorgeous, modern shipping container home design is sure to change the way you think about tiny house designs. It's hard to believe that this contemporary design is built from repurposed shipping containers. The storage container house was designed by Keith Lasseigne as a weekend getaway for himself and as a retreat for the dogs he fosters. The shipping container home design has an open kitchen and living room plan with lots of windows to let in natural light. There's also a small desk space in the living room and a metallic fireplace. The outdoor space is just as nice with a fenced in sitting area and hot tub built into the deck. This storage container house was featured on the first season of HGTV's Contain Homes.

Shipping container home designs are a popular type of tiny house design that is used in many locations across the world. Storage container houses and architecture are a form of tiny house design that uses steel intermodal containers that are otherwise known as shipping containers (you know the ones you see on large freighters at ports around the world) as structural building elements. Homes made from shipping containers can also be referred to as cargotecture. The use of shipping containers as building material has grown in popularity over the last several years due to their wide availability, strength, and relatively low cost. Shipping container tiny homes have also become popular with people as they are seen as a more environmentally friendly building material option such as brick and cement, and looked at as a recycled or repurposed building material.

There are several reasons for building home made from shipping containers. For starters, storage container houses are an affordable option and one of the most popular reasons people choose these unique homes. Getting a used shipping container and then converting it into shipping container home designs is far less expensive than buying a home in the cheapest place of the city. With storage container houses, all you need to do is to look for one, and you can start the process of designing the home of your dreams. Another benefit of homes made from shipping containers is that they are easy to use and construct. While it might seem difficult, shipping container home designs are easy to build. First, you will need a shipping container, a shipping container company that you can buy or rent from, and then delivery guys who can get it into your building location. Then you will need lots of ideas, and you can end up with a great home. Any shipping container home designs can be easily incorporated into any container. You will want to add doors or windows, possibly a staircase, appliances and more. Storage container houses are quicker than standard homes to build. This is the main idea behind all storage container homes. On average, a shipping container house takes a total of a couple of months to be up and standing and ready to be moved into. That means you can see your shipping container house design being ready to move into sooner than later. Shipping container homes are also environmentally friendly. That is good news for people trying to lessen their carbon footprint. You will find many shipping container homes that are recycled, but you will also find new shipping containers to be used as homes.

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