Take the Tour of This Cool Log Home - the Kitchen Is Sure to Delight Everyone!

When Paul and Debby Kenney first started planing their dream custom log home it was when they were dating in the mid-2000s. The couple envisioned a retirement wood cabin they could enjoy growing old together, surrounded by scenic views in southern Colorado. The couple wanted this to be a log house that they could live in as long as they wanted to. They love Colorado, and they wanted to spend their retirement years there. After the Kenneys log house in Walsenburg, Colorado, was completed in 2011, the couple who were married two years ago moved from their Oklahoma home. You will want to take a closer look at this stunning log house build.

The kitchen in the custom log home is both stylish and functional, with a mix of building materials and colors. Some of the details include handscraped golden teak flooring, kitchen cabinets made of knotty alder, granite kitchen countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances. All of the drywall on the interior walls of the log house allows for the homeowners to add splashes of color throughout the custom log home, helping to break up the wood hues. There are French doors that lead to an outdoor kitchen space on the patio, which helps to extend the log houses living space. The custom log home is located about 40 miles north of the New Mexico border in southern Colorado. The log house is situated on nearly 43 acres in a neighborhood called the Black Hawk Ranch. At about 7,000 feet above sea level, the log house site offers 360-degree views of the Spanish Peaks to the west and the plains, which stretch towards Kansas, to the east. Some days, if the weather is just right, the couple can even see a glimpse of Pikes Peak which is 100 miles to the north. The rolling landscape in this area features a variety of trees, to include cedars, Ponderosa pines, and pinion pines, and the couple enjoys frequent sightings of wild animals, such as foxes, black bears, elk, and deer.

The Kenney custom log home features StoneMills a distinctive dovetail corner system, which is one of the strongest corner connections that you will find in the entire log house industry. The couple also selected the four-inch insulated chink joint for the log house to achieve a higher R-Value in the log walls to help meet their local energy code. The heavy timber components of the log house roof system are structurally engineered to meet Walsenburgs high snow load and the wind speed code requirements. StoneMills Ridge and Rafter System is also designed with a built-up roof insulation system to help meet the local energy code requirements and in the long run, should also help to save energy costs for the homeowners. During the home design process, the couple worked closely with StoneMill to make some minor alterations to the Elk River II design to help accommodate the topography of their property and maximize the sites scenic views. The stock plan for the log house, called for a fireplace on a south- facing perimeter wall in the great room, but the couple also wanted to eliminate obstructions to their beautiful views. Instead, the couple opted to move the fireplace in the log house to an interior wall and incorporate a wall of large windows. The couple also added a timber breezeway and log garage to the stock design.

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