A super low-budget family house

This 1,463 square foot small house design is beautiful inside and out. With a modern design and one of the best small home plans, you will see. From the cheery exterior to an open interior floor plan ... read more

City Won’t Let Veterans Stay Homeless, Builds Tiny Homes. Gives Them To Vets For Free

Now here's an idea that could really make a difference in people's lives. In Kansas City, Missouri, the people won't let the veterans stay homeless, so they build tiny homes and give them to the vets ... read more

Lifelong Best Friends Build Their Own 'Bestie Row' Of Tiny Houses So They Can All Live Together

If you’re lucky enough to have longtime friends even as an adult, then you know probably already know how much it means to be able to spend time together. Maybe you even have a dream to retire togethe ... read more

The Interior Style of This Amazing Rewild Tiny Home Is Truly Breathtaking!

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a tiny cabin on wheels design, both inside and out. This tiny house on wheels from Rewild Homes is a good example of how all the details that go into a tiny h ... read more

Montana Artists Build Teardrop Trailer Using Wrecked Auto Parts

This has to be one of the coolest diy ideas you've ever seen. Montana artists Mark and Kelly Harro built their very own teardrop trailer using old parts and a lot of creativity. Most often, when peo ... read more

Adobios Beautiful Tiny Clay House with Working Fireplace and Egg Shape Door, Wow!

An adobe house is a house built out of the earth that has been mixed with water and an organic material such as straw or dung. The soil composition of this type of house is typically made of sand, sil ... read more

This Adorable Tiny House Is Perfect Both Inside and Out!

Tiny houses on wheels seem to be everywhere these days. With more and more tiny house designs wherever you look. This is just one of the tiny houses on wheels you will find, and this adorable design h ... read more

This Tiny House Hotel Is the Future of Affordable Vacations

Looking for a novel, inexpensive place to stay during your next getaway? If you’re interested in micro home living, you might want to check out Caravan, located in Portland Oregon. This tiny house hot ... read more

Armadillo Trailer: 13-Foot Stylish Camping Option with Awesome Interior

This tiny cabin on wheels is like nothing you've seen before. When it comes to tiny houses on wheels, the Armadillo trailer is a great option with different floor plans and packages to build the trail ... read more

Couple Turns Old Bus School into Home on Wheels to Travel 12,000 Miles from Alaska to Argentina

These days, there are so many folks that just seem to have the zest for travel. Like this couple who turned an old school bus into a home on wheels to travel 12,000 miles from Alaska all the way to A ... read more

Custom Tiny Homes Designed to Make the Everyday Extraordinary

This tiny house design combines modern design and space efficiency for a tiny house that can be used for a variety of uses. The Mansion tiny house design has 270 square feet of living space with two b ... read more

Click Here to Support Let's Build an Autistic Tiny Home by Lisa Stamps

This Go Fund Me tiny house campaign was created for Sarah who wants to help other kids with autism. Sarah is only 19, and she knows that other kids her age have already moved out of their parents' hom ... read more

198 Sqft Fully Furnished Tiny House with Loft at Discounted Price

Tiny houses on wheels have so many people excited these days. Check out this 198 square foot fully furnished tiny house with a loft at a discounted price. For a tiny house on wheels with lots of add ... read more

A LUXURY Tiny House on Wheels!? And Its Fully Off-Grid Capable

This luxury tiny house on wheels is one of the nicer tiny house designs you will see. The 24-foot tiny cabin on wheels will amaze you when you take a look inside and has plenty of details that make it ... read more

Amazing Tiny Houses That Make Downsizing Look Good

Replacing the mentality of 'bigger is better' is the mantra 'simplicity is beauty". These amazing tiny houses make downsizing look good, making small house living look appealing to even the most skep ... read more

400 Sq. Ft. Elegant And Functionally Flexible Tiny House

Tiny houses don't just have to be on wheels. Looking at this 400 square foot elegant and functionally flexible tiny house, small house living seems pretty desirable. For many people thinking about d ... read more

Aussie Is the Best Tiny House of the Year

Sometimes it's the simplest of designs that have the biggest impact. And this tiny cabin on wheels does just that. For starters, the exteriors have nice stained wood with black trim and black metal de ... read more

Enjoy Cottage Living at Its Finest in a Gorgeous 2-Story Houseboat

This little two bedroom cottage embraces small house living at it's finest, and the best part? It's out on the water. This is such a cute house in it's own right, but for anyone who loves to be out ... read more

The Progress of Tiny Dream House

Have you ever wanted an inside view on the progress of a tiny dream house? Here's your chance to get an insider view on the design process of building a tiny house on wheels. Marjoram, the designer ... read more

See Why this Woman Can Live Legally in a Tiny House in the Netherlands

This woman is living legally in a tiny house on wheels in the Netherlands. Marjolein Jonker was lucky enough to get a plot of land from the council in her area called Alkmaar, to park her tiny house ... read more

Green-Roofed Colorado Home Is Buried into the Earth to Save Energy

If ever a home were to fit more into its surrounding landscape this green-roofed Colorado home takes the prize. With mountains and forests all around this green-roofed, solar energy home fits perfectl ... read more

The Incredible Small Home That Might Change Your Life

This amazing small house on wheels could be used for a variety of uses from full-time living, to a place to work. Imagine using this tiny cabin on wheels for your full-time business; you might use it ... read more

People Love Color and Interior of This Little Tiny House Cleveland

Have a look at this awesome tiny house available for rent. People love the colour and interior of this little tiny house in Cleveland, Ohio. For only around $100 per night, guests can stay in this s ... read more

Meet The Surf Seeker! This Custom Bus Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of A Cartoon

People love having projects to do, and so when we see other people's fun diy projects, it can be super inspiring. Meet the Surf Seeker; this custom bus really does look like it came straight out of a ... read more

A Tiny House with Nordic Style of Exterior and a Very Warm Atmosphere Inside

If you are looking to be inspired by tiny house interior design, you will want to take a look at this Nordic Style Exterior and interior, tiny house design. It seems these days that you see more and m ... read more

See Why Single Houses Are the New Trend in Residential Construction

You may already be aware of the significant impact the tiny house movement is having on the housing market and the types of houses we build. See why single houses are the new trend in residential con ... read more

Affordable and Compact Dinky Dub Camper Offers a Modular Twist to the Vintage VW Look

Camping is one of the many activities to do in the summer that people enjoy. This affordable and compact Dinky Dub Camper offers a modular twist to the vintage VW look that everyone knows and loves. ... read more

A Practical Beautiful and Accessible Tiny House with a Breathtaking View

Home is where the heart is so maybe it doesn't really matter the size of the home as long as there's love within it. Here's a practical, beautiful and accessible tiny house on wheels with a breathtak ... read more

A Magnificent Home from Tiny House Baluchon Starting at $45,000

It's all about the details of this beautifully crafted tiny house on wheels. One look at the photo gallery for this tiny house space and you will find plenty of tiny house inspiration you won't soon f ... read more

A Dream Tiny House That Looks Like the Old French Storyteller with Lots of Special Touches

This tiny house designer built the tiny cabin on wheels of a couples dreams. The couple went to this tiny house designer and asked if they could build them a tiny house on wheels that looks and feels ... read more
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