65 Minimalist Tiny Houses That Prove That Less Is More

Small house design is quite minimalist by nature, but there are some tiny houses that take that minimalist style and bring it to the next level. Even though this home style and design has been around for a long time, people are really beginning to appreciate it in a new way these days. Homeowners are starting to prefer the minimalist approach to decor and design whether they are living in a larger home or small house living. The goal of minimalism is to bring something back to the bare essentials. It's all about bringing function and style together as one to make a very visibly appealing and efficient space while doing away with any distractions and clutter. No matter if we live in a large space or a small space, many people tend to collect too much stuff, some of it which they don't even use. So these days people are focusing more on minimalism in their home lives so they can maximize the quality of their lives overall. Much of this design will focus on angles and geometry, as well as light and shadow. Since the tiny house movement is trending at the moment too, there is a need for more practical minimalist design inspiration to make these spaces work for small house living. In small house design, it's important to focus on maximizing the space within the home by adding in different storage features and also by items in the home having multiple functions.

There are so many great ideas out there, which is why Tiny Houses website put together a comprehensive list of 65 minimalist small house designs that show us that less really can be more. There really is something so wonderful and refreshing about walking into a space that maintains a minimalist design and style. You seem to feel lighter, more relaxed and able to think clearly. Many of the small house designs in the list showcase these design ideas so perfectly. They use lighter colours on the walls to create the illusion of more space, and then they juxtapose that with the strategic use of darker tones to create depth. You'll notice that in most of the small house designs they don't really use patterns too much either, which can make a space feel cluttered. However, even patterns done in the right way can enhance a minimalist design.

One of the other main features of these small house designs that make small house living so much better is the use of large windows throughout these homes. You'll notice that almost all 65 of these tiny houses incorporate larger windows and doors into their designs. Being able to see out into the world will open up the home making it feel larger, and it also brings the outdoors inside to make you feel closer to nature. The use of outdoor space is also very common in small house design. You'll see one of the first tiny houses on the list incorporates a small courtyard between two tiny houses to expand the living space. Other tiny houses will create large decks which can act as a second living room in the summer months, or if the tiny house is located in a warmer climate, these spaces can be used all year round. You will also notice that there is less furniture and items in these homes overall, which really creates that minimalist look. Furniture will also have multiple purposes like a sofa being able to transform into a bed, or a coffee table that can also be a desk. Have a look at more of the small house design ideas on Tiny Houses.***

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